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Introduction to LeftBrain Messenger
Introduction to LeftBrain Messenger

All about the LeftBrain Messenger app, what it's for, how to use it, etc

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LeftBrain Messenger is a macOS app designed for direct contact with the LeftBrain support team whenever you need help.

How to install

You can download the installer using the button below.

Double-click to run the installer and follow the process (you'll need to be an administrator on your Mac). Shortly after it completes you'll see a pop up prompting you to sign in with your company Google Workspace account or email address.

How to use

Once installed and signed in LeftBrain Messenger will reside in your Applications folder or you can drag the icon to your Dock to create a convenient shortcut.

From the Messenger window, choose New Conversation, type your message, and hit Return/Enter to send.

You'll see push notifications when you receive new messages even when working in other applications.

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