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Understanding your invoice
Understanding your invoice
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From 1st January 2024 all licence changes will be pro rated.

Changes such as increasing or decreasing licence numbers will result in prorated charges.

Prorated billing ensures that you only pay for the licences for the periods in use as reflected by our suppliers'.

Pro rata changes will be reflected on the next invoice generated after the changes were made.

This will be shown on your invoice as two steps:

  1. The previous usage to be credited pro rata up the date of the change.

  2. The new usage is charged pro rata from the date of the change up to the end of the billing month.

Understanding your bill

These pro rated changes will show up on the bill as additional line items. These are automatically calculated but can look quite complicated for those seeing it for the first time! We have provided some guidance as well as an explanation on how to interpret these line items.

Let's say, your monthly billing period is between 5 January 2024 and 5 February 2024.

For 2x Microsoft Office 365 licences. On 22nd January 2024 there is staff leaver, creating a reduction of 1x Microsoft Office 365 licence reduction.

The invoice you'll receive at the start of the next billing cycle will show the following:

• Remaining time on 2 x Microsoft licence after 22nd January 2024 £XX 
(pro rata change from 22nd January)

• Unused time on 1 x Microsoft licence after 22nd January 2024 -£XX (credit for 1 x licence pro rata)

Billing period: 5 FEB 2024 - 5 MAR 2024
1 x Microsoft licence £XX (full charge for current period being billed).

If you have further questions, please reach out to the team by starting a new chat.

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