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Enrol your PC with InTune
Enrol your PC with InTune
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๐Ÿ’ก This guide is all about how to enrol your "already set up" company-owned PC with InTune. If your PC is personally owned by you, please don't enrol it.

Estimated time to complete: 5-10 minutes

How to Enrol your PC with InTune

  1. Sign in to your machine as per normal until you reach the Desktop

  2. Click the Start menu, then click into the "Search" box, then type "Settings", then head to "Account".

  3. Click "Access Work or School", then click "Connect"

  4. At the bottom, click on "Join this device to Azure Active Directory".

  5. Type in your work email address. If your organisation uses a different Identity Provider (such as Okta) then you will b redirected to your company sign in page to complete authentication.

  6. Confirm you've got the right company info in the pop up box, then simply click "Join"

  7. You will then get a prompt saying your account is ready, and advising that you can log out and back in with your email linked account. Just ignore this, you can continue using the account you already are.

  8. If your Pin does not meet the requirements (10 characters, 1 upper case, 1 special character) then you will be asked to set a new one.

What is Company Portal?

  • Once the machine is ready you will have access to a self-service style app called "Company Portal".

  • This will allow you to install any company approved apps you may need without the need for an admin password.

  • This will also give you information about your device, should you need it or if anything is requested from IT, by simply clicking on your device.

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